[Event] Hellbound NFT C2C promotion announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

For celebrating Hellbound C2C Marketplace opening, a special promotion has been started. 
Check below and do not miss the chance to participate in DOSI Adventure!
Go to DOSI Adventure >

• Target: Users with C2C buy transaction history of Hellbound NFT 
• Requirements: Holding 3 NFTs from a same camp(Citizen, Sodo, The New Truth, Arrowhead)
• Schedule: Snapshot after Hellbound Round 3-3 ends
• Reward: 1,000DON + $100 worth of crypto
* Rewarded DONs can be found in DOSI Citizen after reward schedule.
* It would be rewarded once to one DOSI Wallet address.
* The event prize airdrop schedule will be announced later.
* Rewarded users shall take the required responsibility of taxes & public utilities’ charge of the countries according to user’s residence with direct payment
* Because of the volatility of crypto, details would be announced later with reward schedule.

Thank you.

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