[Event] Hellbound NFT Special Promotion Announcement


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Hello from DOSI Team.

We are now introducing a special reward promotion for Hellbound NFT holders. Collect Citizen Hellbound NFT and other Camps' NFT, win a chance to get extra rewards!

Requirements and Rewards

- Citizen Hellbound NFT 1ea + 1 Type of Camps(Sodo, Arrowhead, The New Truth, VIP): $80 of Crypto rewards + a special NFT airdrop
- Citizen Hellbound NFT 1ea + 2 Types Camps: $160 of Crypto rewards + a special NFT airdrop 
- Citizen Hellbound NFT 1ea + 3 Types of Camps: $240 of Crypto rewards + a special NFT airdrop
 *Details of rewards and airdrop schedule will be announced after Hellbound Sales Round 3.
 *Rewarded users shall take the required responsibility of taxes & public utilities’ charge of the countries according to user’s residence with direct payment.
 *Unsold or refunded NFTs for each Round will be burnt and not be sold.

News about basic benefits for holders and details of the Hellbound NFT project roadmap will be updated before the Sales Round 3. Please stay tuned!

Thank you.

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