The original NFTs of Hellbound are coming to you. Here's the special membership leading to the next Hellbound universe and metaverse.

Notable Collectibles

Hellbound NFT Project

The Hellbound NFT Project is an original NFT project of the webtoon 'Hellbound', of which adapted series ranked number 1 in 24 countries and in the Top 10 in 120 countries worldwide on a top global OTT service. The original creators, director Yeon Sang-ho, writer Choi Gyu-seok, and NFT holders are working together to create a new content membership and IP culture that expands the world of Hellbound. Be a chosen citizen of Hellbound and expect the unique experience of participating in the Hellbound universe.

Hellbound Citizen NFT Collection

The Hellbound Citizen NFT Collection is a collection of 4,444 different citizens of Hellbound. From general citizens to the New Truth, Sodo, the Arrowhead, and VIP. Get the different citizens of the Hellbound universe. Holders of Hellbound Citizen NFT can enjoy the Hellbound-related membership, including participating in the next Hellbound universe, and experience the Hellbound worldview leading to the metaverse. Additional benefits of holding NFTs from each camp will also be provided. * Detailed collections and membership benefits will be announced in the future through this Hellbound NFT Store, Twitter and Discord.



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